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Friday, July 07, 2006

The Unimaginable Extent of Sycophancy!!

Writing this post after having spent around ten minutes laughing at how ridiculous some people can get. India has a long history of sycophancy. Bihar produces some of the choiciest examples of the same. And of course, the magnet for all sycophants is the Congress Party.

But even the most creative writer for The Onion cross-bred with Jaspal Bhatti could not have cooked up what the Youth Congress in Patna has done. NDTV just showed them spending a shitload of money on a yagnya. And what is the yagnya for?

Make sure you are not drinking or eating anything before you go on reading, or you'll spray your computer screens.

The yagnya is to pray for Italy to win the World Cup. Of course, huge pictures of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, for some bizarre reason, were also placed at the yagnya site.

What's more, they have pledged to distribute 100 kgs of laddoos if Italy wins.

Well, if the Italians do bag the cup on Sunday, they know whom to thank.