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Friday, June 30, 2006

Joke's on Joka

I have been getting a lot of hits referred from IIMCal alumni bulletin boards. Since I don't have a password to those boards, I couldn't see what exactly had been written there. But I assumed it was the IIPM thing so didn't think much of it. But their number increased a lot today. Why would that be suddenly relevant I wondered.

So I checked the referral entry in detail, and the page they are visiting is Sarika's "hottest chicks in mica" post. Looks like someone from IIMC is pulling a fast one over his insti-mates using that post.

Heh. Nice touch. In Indian business schools' circles, using the phrase "hottest chicks in MICA" is a sureshot way of making a prank succeed. Much like a virus writer used "Anna Kournikova Nude Pics" to spread his creation around.

Update: Turns out joke's NOT on Joka. The link was posted by a reader who mails in response -

This one is regarding your post "Joke's on Joka"

We have a nice couple of swans on campus that resides in one of our many lakes. About an year ago, I took a pic of them together and posted it on our board with the title "Cutest couple on campus".

Yesterday, when I saw your post on chicks, I posted that on the IIMC board (with an introduction) as a follow-up to my earlier post. That's where you are getting the hits from.

It's not because someone inside IIMC pulled a smart one. Its because some of us still like the slow and sweet things in life :)