Vantage point

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Since 1st July, I have been living a temporary self imposed period of unemployment.... or in others words taking a 45 days vacation, before I move on to bigger things in life. And I have been making the most of this vacation by watching tons of movies, sitcom episodes, and catching up on that new love of my life, graphic novels. And of course, sitting at home thankful that neither my electricity nor cable nor broadband connections went bust while Bombay glubglubed its way out of another torrent. I was getting the maximum bang for my buck out of another sort of torrent. ;)

Among the movies that I struck off my to-watch list, the best so far has been Four Rooms, the directed by Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodrigues, and 2 more people whose name I now forget inspite of having made a quiz question about them. The movie is superb. Lots of blood, gore, obscenities, nudity, gangsters, witches, and of course Tim Roth. In other words, a well-made dish of Tarantino cuisine. But here's the surprising part. I actually liked the portion directed by Robert Rodriguez more than the one directed by Tarantino. It had more comic madness and hilarious violence stuffed into it.

The next best movie I watched is coincidentally also co-directed by Rodriguez. Sin City. Sarika had told me that the movie was exactly like the comic. But until you watch it, you can not imagine how much exactly....hold on, let me put it in uppercase, italics and bold, EXACTLY like the comic. Right down ti the blood being white or red depending on which colour it was so in the corresponding panel. If all film-makers would be this loyal to the original work, I am sure all writers would be more than happy to allow movies to be made on their precious creations.

Next in line is Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins.

I also finished reading the 75 part Sandman series and was astounded by the richness, depth and ingenuity of Neil Gaiman. And what startled me the most was the fact that Joshua Norton on whom #31 Three Septembers And A January is based, was a real person! It's brilliant how Gaiman has woven Sandman and two of his endless siblings into the story.

Before withdrawl symptoms could set in after I finished #75, Aadisht came to the rescue and told me to move on to Preacher. I am halfway through it and it is breathtaking to say the least. I love Cassidy, by Jaysis, and my favourite line from the series so far has not belonged to the storyline but something Garth Ennis wrote in response to a few letters suggesting actors to play the various characters if a Preacher movie was ever made. "A few of you wrote in to say that Cassidy should be played by Hugh Grant which shows that crack abuse is reaching epidemic proportions"

I was ROFL-ing for ten minutes.

So anyway, the clouds have cleared, the sun is out and the trains are running again. So Bombay, I will let you get back to your work as I attempt to finish the Preacher series by tonight, and maybe have a few kebabs for dinner.