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Friday, August 05, 2005

The fraud that is IIPM

IIPM is to Management Education, what Parnab Mukherjee is to quizzing. However IIPM is a more serious matter because it actually screws around with people's lives and careers.

You all must have seen full-page IIPM ads in all national dailies, asking student to "dare to dream beyond the IIMs". If one went by the ads, one could be forgiven for thinking that IIPM is the institute with the best possible infrastructure, faculty, and placements in the country.

Scratch a bit and you realise what a load of crap it all is.

Arindam Chaudhury, touted as a "Management Guru" has educational antecedents which are as questionable as Parnab Mukherjee. Though IIPM ads go all out boasting about anything and everything, which may or may not be true about the institute, notice how Arindam's educational qualifications are never mentioned? A professor of ours at IIML informed us that this is because Arindam could not even pass graduation exams at first attempt. And yet, reputed media organisations like NDTV call him as an expert panelist for their discussions.

JAM Magazine has a detailed exposè on IIPM over here. Read it in detail and forward it to anyone you know seriously considering joining IIPM.

It has exposed the lies about the infrastructure, the faculty, the placements and everything else that IIPM has been conning people with.

I'll end this post with something our prof in IIML brought to our notice, and which even JAM mag has mentioned. The fine print.

At the end of every IIPM ad, there is a fine print which goes -

IIPM conducts its own programmes in Planning & Entrepreneurship (a non professional course) and does not teach any foreign institute’s courses... The MBA/BBA degrees are conferred by IMI, Europe and is internationally renowned and does not come under the purview of AICTE, UGC or other state acts.

Which means the so-called MBAs from IIPM are not even MBAs.

I applaud JAM for the courage it has shown in exposing the Chaudhury scam. I wish other components of the main stream media would also do the same.