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Monday, August 01, 2005

Govinda, Mat Bolo

Have been trying to locate an online article about this, but there doesn't seem to be any.

Saw a hilarious bit of news on Star News yesterday. The Bombay film industry has decided to file a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) against the Maharashtra Government for its inept handling of the flood situation.

Star News caught up with Govinda, the M.P. from North Mumbai, and it turns out the guy has no idea what PRO means. This is the gist of the hilarious bits of the interview.

Correspondent: Bollywood has filed a PIL about the flood situation.
Govinda: Yes, yes, Bollywood has always done that. We have always been at the forefront for relief whenever there is a calamity in the country.
Corresponent: Yes, but what about the PIL that has been filed about the flood?
Govinda: See, whatever the PRO(sic) is doing is very wrong. People like the PRO are always interested in pulling other people down and this is very unfortunate......

....and on and on went Govinda, making some point, but I don't know if even he knew what it was. I hope he is currently trying to find out what animal this PIL is, and if it is a cousin of PRO.