Vantage point

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Some Common Headlines

These are some headlines which you would keep coming across on a regular basis in the newspaper. In fact i am pretty sure editors keep a standard format ready for each of these stories, and run it with just a few details changed -

- Violence erupts in the middle east
- Blast in Kashmir
- Left opposes _______ (fill in the blank with a positive and constructive policy decision)
- Harbhajan's action reported
- Harbhajan's action cleared
- Uma Bharti says _____________ (fill in the blanks with something smacking of self pity)
- Musharraf takes hawkish stand on Kashmir
- Musharraf takes moderate stand on Kashmir
- Musharraf takes dove-ish stand on Kashmir
- Musharraf to remove uniform ( kids, close your eyes)
- Musharraf to remain President until hell freezes over
- Tendulkar to undergo surgery, out of action for ___ weeks
- Scintillating knock by Lara, abject defeat for West Indies
- Mallika Sherawat says ___________ (fill in the blanks with a desparately controversial statement)

.... do send me some of your own. Will add them to this post.