Vantage point

Thursday, May 05, 2005

A Poem About Life

Yogesh Dashrath, whose thoughts about Gandhi I have posted on this blog before, has an uncanny knack of churning out good poems in a matter of minutes. He usually writes about 3-4 poems a week. In my opinion he should start blogging. He has absolutely no excuse not to.

But until he starts a blog of his own, here's a poem he wrote today

a journey so long
filled with drama and song
each on his memorable journey
sometimes cruel sometimes funny

some go at speed of light
some stop to admire the sight
while some prefer
to embrace darkness of night

some spread joy
some spread sorrow
some follow paths broad
some follow narrow

destination is same for all
what ever may be the faith
for journey long or small
in the peaceful embrace of death

To convey your appreciation, and to encourage him to start a blog, mail yogesh.dashrath{at-the-rate}gmail{dot}com