Vantage point

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Honest Shoaib

If this is not hilarious, what is? Shoaib Malik throws a match, and then admits it later, explaining the reasons. The first step of the PCB's punishment for him, is to award the match to his team! of course, probe, fine, suspension etc may follow. but I find it hilarious that the first step taken was awarding the match to his team. Imagine a conversation between Shahryar Khan and his secretary.

Scy: Sir, sir, Shoaib Malik threw a match.
Shahryar Khan(SK): Oh no, not him too....... but wait! there are no international matches happening.
Scy: He threw a match in the domestic twenty20 league, and just admitted to it.
SK: You can't help but admire the efficiency of these ISI folks, eh? Extracting a confession so fast!
Scy: No, no, no. There was no ISI hand in this. He admitted it on his own.
SK: He did, did he? The cheek of this guy! Admitting to wrongdoings without any work from the ISI. We'll punish him. And you know?
Scy: How?
SK: (rubbing his hands in glee) By awarding his team the very match they worked so hard to lose. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA