Vantage point

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Tricolour Red-flagged

I don't recall the last time I felt as furious, as I did when i read this - Karthikeyan helmet banned.

Just when you think the government is starting to make some sense, and drag itself out of the Victorian maibaap-sarkar mindset, it goes and un-redeems itself with an idiotic decision.

Preventing cricketers from sporting the tricolour is a bit understandable, given that the BCCI has made arrogant statements like "The team plays for BCCI, not for India". But Narain Karthikeyan has shown no such airs. he is a very humble chap, and has always worn his Indian-ness on his sleeve. He can easily sell the helmet space to sponsors, but he chooses to wear the Indian colours.

Who the *beep* is the government to stop him? This stupid "flag code" they talk about is Stalinist. It needs to BE ABOLISHED.

I myself am so angry right now. I can't even imagine how disappointed poor Narain is.