Vantage point

Monday, February 21, 2005


Had gone to Pune this Sunday to attend what is currently one of the best Quizzes in this neck of the woods, i.e the VIT Quiz-o-Mania. What made the quiz even better was that Sarika and I, teaming up for the first time ever, won the quiz.

Read more about the quiz at Notesandstones.

Pune quizzing itself is doing very well. We all know about the Mastermind triumph of Ramanand and the ESPN School Quiz win of my alma mater, Abhinav Vidyalay. Pune has emerged as a quizzing centre. At the heart of Pune quizzing is the Boat Club Quiz Club. Though started by COEP-ians, it has become a universal phenomenon with most of the attendeed being from outside COEP. Even the local media has started taking notice.

Today the Indian Express covered the activities of the BCQC -

The In-quiz-itives

If any of you folks reading this blog are from Pune, and are interested in quizzing, we welcome you to the Boat Club Quzzing sessions. Everyone's invited.