Vantage point

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Bad Lens Day

Those who know me well will vouch for the fact that for me, "bad hair day" means "day". So bad hair days don't bother me much. I have more or less accepted them as a part of my life.

What I hate though are 'Bad Lens Days'. This aberration, no pun intended, afflicts me once every two or three weeks. On a bad lens day, one of your contact lens just can't get down to day-to-day business. Some issue crops up. And what makes it worse is, these issues always crop up about 15 minutes after you have worn the lens and left your house.

The issues are rather vexing ones, like irritation in the eye, or displacement of the lens, or just plain inexplication redness. Thus starts the bad lens day.

Even if you are resourceful and carry a bottle of solution, the mere take-out-rinse-put-in routine doesn'T always work. In fact it often makes matters worse, aggravating the irritation, or adding an issue like the "eye-flutter".

And if you don't carry lens solution then may the Deity of Atheism have pity on you!

I am a veteran of many such scraps with my lens. Once the lens shifted while I was travelling in a bus and I had to remove it and put it back in a moving bus!! Thank the same deity for air-suspension Volvo buses.

Today has started off as another bad lens day. I have already done the replacement routine thrice. And I must end this post here now because I think I need to rinse the lens again.