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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Let them skip Ahmedabad

Let Pakistan skip Ahmedabad I say. What is the big deal? We went there and asked not to play at Karachi and Peshawar, and got our way. Then why make an issue out of the Pakistani demands?

As for those who might say "Well, we had cited security reasons, but they are citing political reasons", have we never used sports to make a political statement? Didn't we forfeit a Davis Cup because of it? Didn't we snap cricketing ties with South Africa and Pakistan in the past?

Why shouldn't Pakistan do it then? It is not as if what they are saying is a fabrication. Ahmedabad did see one of the worst riots in recent history, and most of the dead were Muslims. If they want to make a statement about it by not playing there, then let's drop the matter.

This "gentleman" should not make such idiotic statements. As Javed Miandad and "Mian" Musharraf himself will tell Modi, such statements have a tendency to boomerang and bite you in the ass.

For the benefit of those too lazy to click and search the whole articles to read the Miandad and Musharraf faux-paus -

Miandad - Your Irfan Pathans are in every gully and mohalla of Pakistan. We don't even bother to look at them. I am not saying he [Pathan] is bad. All I am saying is that he is all right for India. But Pathan can't scare us. He simply does not have the pace. What Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Sami can do against Indian batsmen, Pathan cannot do against our batsmen.

Musharraf - And I’d like to add that it’s only cricket, and not hockey or other games. Why, because they were scared to be defeated by Pakistan.

So Modibhai, please shut up. Cricket is a very phunny game.