Vantage point

Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Tale of Two Lame Ducks

It is funny that both India and Pakistan currently have Prime Minister who are as lame-ducky as can get. And although everyone knows how powerless they are, nothing must sting them more than a foreign power nonchalantly underlining their status with a seemingly harmless gesture.

Manmohan Singh first. Everyone knows him as the benign caretaker. Dude couldn't even give a speech when he wanted during the trust vote. But a bigger slap in the face came from China who invited Sonia Gandhi for the opening ceremonies of the upcoming Olympics, but not Manmohan Singh. Considering how even enemy nations take protocol seriously, it is the unkindest cut.

Protocol also showed the utter irrelevance of Yousuf Raza Gilani in the scheme of things during his recent US visit. When he got down from the airplane there was, and this is hilarious, no red carpet, nor an ordinary carpet, for his walk to the gate.

Which of the two lame ducks should be more offended?