Vantage point

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Batman's Sidekick Onion Dosa

The ever perspicacious Aadisht came up with a great funda, arbit as it might be. That observation, combined with the recent star status of Robin Uthappa, makes one wonder. Does TOI have a vested interest in making Uthappa succeed? Would they engage in hectic lobbying in the BCCI back offices to make sure he gets a lot of chances to succeed? Would they pay off opponent bowlers and captains to make him a star?

Because Uthappa provides scope for a lot of punning. "Uthappa Sizzles".... "Spicy Uthappa Burns England"... and "Crisp Uthappa plays a crisp cover drive" are just some of the obvious headlines possible. With a name like that, TOI headlines are taken care of for the next decade.

What's more, the obvious punnability of his last name is so enormous, it has totally overshadowed the punnability of his first name. Come on, Robin? "Robin the star Bat(s)man", "Robin overshadows all other Batmen"... and in the very specific but likely scenario that he performs well at Trent Bridge in the future, "Robinhood rules at Nottingham".

This man is to the punning indeustry what Princess Diana was to the paparazzi.