Vantage point

Friday, September 07, 2007

Good Grief!

What follows is a chat with an acquaintance about a photo in my orkut album. The said acquaintance is one of those people whom one successfully avoided talking to several years pre-1998 until chat messengers came and changed everything. Now one's only hope against such adhesives is the "busy" status message. Even that doesn't deter the stickiest of them. To make matters worse, they always use sms lingo in chats, which is a big pet peeve of mine. Anyway, the picture is reproduced below. It's a very touristy pic taken last year. The smart-ass tag I put on the picture was "With Emma in front of George's house".

Adhesive: woa man. u got rich frnds
Gaurav: ????
Adhesive: da pic on ur orkut wit dat chinky girl
Gaurav: what pic?
Adhesive: da pic wit emma in frnt of george's house
Gaurav: what makes you think emma is rich?
Adhesive: no no.... your frnd george
Gaurav: what?????????
Adhesive: george must be supr rich to hv such a big na dnice house
Gaurav: Um... yeah... guess George is kinda rich
Adhesive: dsnt it luk lik da huse in fresh prince of belair?
Gaurav: yeah, goerge must be a huge will smith fan
Adhesive: his parnts must be
Gaurav: hold on... you are serious? you think that house belongs to a friend of mine called George?
Adhesive: dunnit?
Gaurav: you are serious?