Vantage point

Friday, January 05, 2007

My Thesis Topic

I think I have come across a research question worthy of my doctoral dissertation. Using email forwards to predict the Sensex.

My theory is simple. Infosys performance has a direct impact on the Sensex. Infosys is also the driving force behind most, if not all the email forwards circulating amongst Indian netizens. Infy desks are where email forwards are born, nurtured, and sent on their way. The more business Infy gets, the busier Infoscions will be. The busier that Infoscions are, lower will be the number of forwards conceived, suckled and potty-trained. So whenever Infy is doing well, the number of forwards will drop. And with a time lag, the Sensex will do well. Similarly, if Infy doesn't have that much work, email forwards will increase. And the subsequent inferior quarterly earnings will drag the Sensex down.

This theory can be empirically proven. It will be empirically proven.

Doctorate please!!

P.S - If you are my PhD Advisor and are reading this, I didn't write it. I am being forced at gunpoint.