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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Looking for roommate... or soulmate????

A few months back, before the Fall semester started, I subscribed to a mailing list of desis headed to Penn State. As expected, a lot of mails were about finding roommates and housing. Most of the mails were run of the mill. Vegetarian wanted, teetotaller wanted, etc etc. Nothing earth-shattering. Then along came this gem. I could not believe that this mail was actually written in all seriousness. I thought it was a spoof, until further correspondence confirmed that the guy really meant it. It really is a work of art.

Reproducing it here, leaving out the specifics for obvious reasons. I am really looking forward to how this guy composes his matrimonial ad.


hi ...

I am XXXXX and I have been admitted to the Civil engg
dept. I intend to leave for the US by 10th of august. I did my
undergrad at XXXXX.

Now I am on the lookout for a room partner. Considering we are gonna
spend the next 2 years of our lives together I want everyone to give
a good thought to the following letter before making a decision.

I am planning to get accomodation at parkway plaza. I am planning to
rent a studio appartment or one bedroom set.

Points to help u'll decide on my proposal:
1. I am from an unorthodox family.
2. I am fun to have around with a great sense of humor attached.
3. I am a foodie and would love if my roommate were a good cook and i
can also cook some.
4. I am non-vegetarian but this in no way means that I will not
respect the sentiments of someone who is vegetarian.
5. I am a social drinker in the real sense of the term but smoking is
a total no-no, in the house atleast, although I would prefer a non-
6. I love to party and dance and sing and so music is gonna be an
integral part of the household.
7. I am very particular when it comes to handling finances and hate
fights related to money matters and so I expect a room-mate who has
an equally professional approach…but with a heart.
8. I would prefer someone who is fun, sporty, humble, a team player,
a bundle of energy and whom I can proudly call upon as friend…
basically someone who I would look forward to meeting at the end of a
tiring day.

I will be finalizing the appartment within 10 days. if anyone have an
appartment and want to share it kindly consider this mail.

Anyone who is interested can send me a mail