Vantage point

Monday, July 24, 2006

Seekh Kebabs and Bhindi

I love seekh kebabs. I also love bhindi. I can eat and eat and eat when either of the items is on the table. One of the best meals I have had featured both!

Both the items are very different, and nothing at all like each other. Seekh kebabs have a juicy mojo in them that spreads itself over your tongue and carries out a shock-and-awe attack on all the taste buds in the vicinity. Every time you chew the morsel, the attack is renewed until the juice runs out, descends below the gullet, and the nest bite is ready to resume. Bhindi has a crunchier and understated appeal. It is more like a targeted attack, with only a few select tastebuds getting any preferential treatment, but that itself is enough to invoke images of paradise.

The clumsy prose above basically meant to convey that i love seekh kebabs and bhindi in a very different way.

I love Mumbai and Pune in a similarly different way. It is surprising how two cities situated just 3 hours apart can be so different. And yet both be delectable in their own ways.