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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Indian Government Banning Blogspot?

Over the last couple of days I got several emails from my readers saying that my blog appeared to be inaccessible. First I thought it must be a technical glitch. But then I got mails from Neha and Mridula wondering whether this was the handiwork of our liberal government.

Neha is following this issue closely on her blog. Apparently inquiries made at call centers of at least 2 ISPs have revealed that the Ministry of Communications has sent some sort of a directive.

This is all very bizarre. If the government has indeed blocked blogspot, do they realise they are trampling on all sorts of freedoms? Do they realise that they are following in Pakistan's footsteps? And do they realise that the timing, especially when blogs like mumbaihelp are getting worldwide recognition for having played a helpful and constructive role is all the more churlish?

First the Draconian broadcasting bill. And now this.

Forgive me if this sounds cliched, but are we living in Kafka's nightmares?

P.S. - Bizarrely enough, it is possible to make posts. Not for long though, I am sure.