Vantage point

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Blasts and Sena

Not writing this to defend the Sena or anything, but to set the record straight on a widely held misconception. A lot of people I know, well informed people at that, seem to be under the impression that there were riots after the March 1993 blasts. And that the Sena instigated them.

Not true. Factually incorrect.

There were riots in Bombay in December 92 and January 93, the latter instigated by the Sena. But there were no riots after the March blasts.

There have been several terrorist attacks in Mumbai since. The bombs on buses, the Mulund local blasts, the Gateway-Jhaveri Bazaar blasts. On not a single occasion has the Shivsena started riots after the blasts. Yes, there have been bandhs, but no riots.

While it is understandable to be concerned that the Sena might over-react, I think it is being harped upon too much. And so far the Sena has shown restraint. Just lambasted the government. And many shivsainiks were involved in the rescue operations.