Vantage point

Thursday, January 05, 2006

MTR's Upma Mix

I usually avoid these "instant" food items which are "ready to eat". Indian food items, i.e. I like Maggi. But the different curries, vegetable preparations, dals, etc from MTR or ITC never really impressed me. Mainly because they don't taste that good. And secondly, because they are not really Value-For-Money, being priced at 30 rupees or upwards.

MTR Upma however blew me away. I bought it because the shopkeeper said I should try it, since it goes out of stock within a few days. Plus it costs just 10 rupees.

Today I tried making the upma. It is very simple to make. Just add water, a little ghee, and warm for 5-6 minutes. What you get is very very close to the actual upma. It has all the garnishing and the add-ons. A 10-rupee pack, with 200 g of Upma Mix, on adding 500 ml of water, yields enough upma for at least 3 people to have a breakfast.

A breakfast which costs less than 5 bucks per head, takes just 5 minutes to prepare, and tastes good. what else could a bachelor ask for?