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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Aaj Ka Blogroll Expansion Iss Prakaar Hai

Time for a blogroll expansion.

Firstly, the addition made sans an announcement - Kaushik Ramu, a poet at heart, but a sales manager by vocation.

Next we have a slight change in the name of an old blog. Middle Stage, which was been taken over by Chandrahas Choudhary in a bloodless coup months ago, will be linked as Chandrahas. By the same token, India Uncut is being linked as Amit Varma.

Now on to some real additions.

First up we have Shivam Vij's Mall Road. Shivam is a Delhiite who enjoys plugging blog names into sting operations, and likes to host discussions on his blog.

Next we have the guy who has been interacting with me over email for a few months, but shot to instant fame in the Indian blogdom after a looooooooo~ong post on Shivam's blog - Chetan Kulkarni.

Saket and Pratik, two Desipundits, have been on the blogroll notionally for months, and finally I get off my ass and actually add them as well.

Arnab, aka greatbong, the hilarious baadshah of b-grade movies.

Tony Tongbram writes very passionately at Anthony's Mirror.

Jai Arjun the famous Jabberwock brings up the rear of this blogroll expansion.

isike saath blogroll expansion ki yeh kaDi samaapt hui. Namaskar.