Vantage point

Monday, June 14, 2004


Reposting this from almost exactly two years back, because it is "that" time again

Now those of you who have met me will know that I have an opinion on almost any subject and can carry out a lengthy conversation about most topics under the sun. Which is why striking up conversations with girls, pretty or otherwise, wasn't a problem.....of course most of them would immediately slot me as the "great guy i can cry about my boyfriend to" friend variety...(SHUT UP GAURAV, YOU AREN'T SINGLE ANYMORE!)..

Anyway, point is, that if there is an animated conversation happening with me in the premisis, I am usually at the centre, or nearabouts.

One topic where I am as clueless as a West Indian cricketer who is not Brian Lara, is soccer/football. Every two years, for a few weeks I find myself resembling Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S when the others are talking about anything but food and sex. These are the weeks when the FIFA World Cup or the Euro is on.

Now having an ego as big as I do, I don't like being left out. So I don the role of Chandler and try to wise-crack my way into the conversation.

My current wisecrack - I solemnly walk up to a group animatedly discussing the proceedings in Germany and say "Guys I have a question.."

They all go silent while I ask "You know they say France is the favourite again because of Zidane?"


"Now...why is Zidane..."

"Yes...?" they go as I take a long pause...

"Why is ze Dane playing for ze French?"

I crack myself up!! Not many others though. :(

Here's to all football haters!!