Vantage point

Sunday, May 09, 2004


Here is a game that I am about to apply for a patent of. It is called "Punjection of Songs". The game was born on one lazy day in summer, when Channel V (jispe hai zayada hindi) was playing the song "Mere pyaar ka ras zara chakhna oye makhna".

The part of the song that led to the genesis of this game is when a large gaggle of voices suddenly expostulate the word "PUNJABI!!!!" . I have on a previous occasion made fun of this tendency of song writers. But converting it into a game took a while.

Here is how you play the game - Replace some word in a song with "punjab". The funnier it sounds the more points you get. Thus you need some judges to play the game.

Example -

"O raamji, bada dukh deena, tere PUNJAB ne bada dukh deena...."

You try some.