Vantage point

Friday, April 16, 2004


Following up on the initiative taken by Nilu, I present my World 11. The parameters for choosing this team are -

1. It should be an all surface 11. They should be able to play on any surface, from the dust bowl of Ahmedabad to the zippy track at Durban to the spongy drop-ins at Hamilton. This applies more to batsmen than to bowlers.
2. The players are selected on their form in the last couple of years, and backed by their overall class.
3. I just thought of the best player for every position. Did not think too much about how all countries should be represented, or whether some teams are getting represented too much.

And here it is

1. Hayden - Of course!
2. Sehwag - Proved his ability to handle all attacks with consummate ease, in matches that are alive
3. Dravid - A number 3 should be one who stays there in case of an early wicket. Ponting and Lara, the other contenders, in my opinion give too many chances early on. Besides, with the team filled with stroke makers, we need a sheet anchor. Another thing is, Ponting is not yet proven to be good against spin. His failures in India 2001 and Sri Lanka last month show this. Even during his double tons against India he had too many plumb shouts against Kumble which were turned down by Bucknor. He also got 2-3 stumping reprieves.
4. Tendulkar- Won't even explain
5. Kallis - Usually bats at 4. But would do a good job at 5 too. His bowling is good too.
6. Laxman - Again, a proven all-surface-all-attack player. I still have my doubts regarding Martyn. And Thorpe....please. Not good enough against spin.
7. Gilchrist - Again, of course!
8. Warne - The best! What sews up his selections is the fact that Viru, Sachin and Laxman are in this team and not facing him. :)
9. Pollock - On Nilu's blog first i chose Pathan. But on further consideration, I realised that Pollock is a more effective bowler.
10. Shoaib - Except for the best batting lineup, all else have struggled against him. Even Australia.
11. Muralitharan - Kallis gives us a third seamer. Warne and Murali bowling in tandem.....just imagine.

And yes the umpires - Aleem Daar and Rudy Koertzen. Third umpire - Anyone who is not West Indian. :)
Match referee - G Vishwanath