Vantage point

Monday, May 10, 2004


....or should I say more boring than 2002? It does not look like anyone else can even come close to beating the Ferrari of Michael Schumacher this year. A few weeks back i wrote about "withdrawing support" to Schumi, but heck, i gotta return to the Tifosi fold, because no one else is good enough. This recent hype surrounding Jenson Button does not impress me much. Okay, the guy is talented, but so what? He is not in the league of Kimi Raikonnen, who in my view is the only guy with championship material. He came tantalisingly close last year, and i am sure he will be a multiple world champ by the time he retires.

Too bad he is in a crappy team, which is reaching lower and lower standards of crappiness this year.

But even Kimi last year got that close because of mistaks by Ferrari and Schumacher. The year that the Scarlet Combo does not make mistakes, it is bound to blow away the opposition. And Bernie Ecclestone can change all the rules he wants. Until Michael hangs his helmet, it is going to have many more feathers tucked in it.

The season so far has been one of almost flawless driving by Schumi. Except for the qualifier at Imola, the guy has raced better than God himself. In this form, and considering Raikonnen has a horrible car, I won't be surprised if Schumi climbs giddy heights of greatness this year.

Will people please stop carping about that colombian sluglord? Montoya has been around for ages now, and he still has shown no department where he can match Schumi except shooting off his mouth. What the hell does Williams see in him? I was sceptical about him the very first year they brought him in, shunting out a very promising Button. And he just has not delivered. He seems to have this inferiority complex related to Schumi, and he can't get over it, as we saw at Imola.

Montoya needs to watch Jerry Maguire, and pay special attention to this portion when Tom Cruise says to Cuba Gooding Jr -

When you get on the field, it's all about what you didn't get, who's to blame, who underthrew the pass, who's go the contracts you don't, who's not giving you love. That is not what inspires people. That is not what inspires people! Shut up, play the game... play it from the heart. And I will show you Quan!