Vantage point

Saturday, October 11, 2003


With a bowl of popcorn and the screen in front of me I sat
bent over the keyboard
to put down my thoughts in a decent lyrical format

What I'm about to type here won't bear any insight
on anything in particular
and hence should be taken in a spirit light.

Here begins my whine-about a day that was a drab
thought i warn you before
that paperweight, to fling at the screen, you grab.

On my way to the office today, i saw a goat rolling about to and fro
it was being kicked all over the road
wouldn't have been much to write about, had it not been without a torso

The goat was a real happy goat once upon a time you see
or so it believed
and so it rollicked about the dried out pastures filled with glee.

Little did it know that there'd come a time
a few hours post-decapitation
when a girl with nothing to write about will make a silly rhyme.

The day isn't much to write about i'm afraid
unlike the goat
about which already a lot has been said.

This is a indeed a situtation that brings utter dismay
talk about a headless goat
takes up more space than the cribs about my day!!

Wait a minute!! that goes to say that my day was good
which isn't such a bad thought afterall
now that it is recognized and understood

this is a guest post so i'll refrain
my goofy self
from writing some more and be the cause of unwarranted pain

so now that the day is done
a goat and a good day
talked about and another already begun

i'd like to end this here on this note
when your love has a blog
and you need to guest post, write about a dead goat...


A hilarious poem as a guest post by Sarika. I was all smiles and chuckles as I read it.....and i have been reading it repeatedly and laughing. :)

The idea of guest-posting on each other's blog came about when I wrote a poem during our MSN convo. She wanted me to post it on our joint blog ~~Dewdrops~~ but I said why not post it on hers. So it was decided that the poem would go on her blog and she would write one for mine.

And that is how this post was created. :)

If you are wondering how Sarika managed to write a poem like this, you should know that currently she is reading Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and some influence is but natural.