Vantage point

Friday, September 26, 2003

Q - How does the BJP win elections?
A - By inciting riots and polarising communities.

Now as the Rajasthan elections draw closer, the bloodthirsty saffron brigade targets that state.

Bajrang Dal blasts mosque, forces Muslims to flee

This is so sickening. For short term political gains, these people are pushing the country closer to the brink of a civil war. It is all very easy to blame incidents like the 25 August blasts in Mumbai solely on the SIMI and the LeT, but even the Mumbai Police have said that these attacks are more dangerous, because the people involved in them are educated professionals. There is a deeper explanation for this than just the usual "ISI did it" chant, and it's time we recognize it.

While every incident like Solapur or Maraad pushes the average Hindu more and more to the right, every incident like this one and Bhojshala pushes the average Muslim more and more towards the waiting arms of extremism and terrorism.

Both communities look at this raging fire, and instead of making any efforts to douse the fire, join in chorus to sing "We didn't start the fire!!" and add a "You did!!" for extra effect.

And yes, to all those deluded RSS bhakts who still claim that the organisation is more about social service than about spreading communal hatred, here is a newsflash. The main accused in this case is RSS's Iklera tehsil karyawahak, Kanwarlal Meena.

Of course, now bring on the conspiracy theories about how this man is knee deep in piety, goodness and social work and is an icon of nation building and how the Congress government there has framed him. Or then take that line - One bad egg does not mean the whole basket is rotten. Of course there is always the "commie-pinko" media to blame for all evils.

Ever notice how both Hindu terrorists as well as Muslim terrorists use the same kind of convoluted logic or readily grab on to conspiracy theories to explain their hate filled activities?

I am sick of this. Beam me up!!