Vantage point

Tuesday, September 09, 2003



No no, i am not referring to the colour of the idol. I am referring to the hugely successful drive undertaken by environmentalists in Pune this year during the Ganeshotsav.

In Pune we have this thin little waterbody flowing through the city, that we affectionately call a river - Mula Mutha. Every year thousands of Ganesh idols are immersed in the river. All these clay or PoP idols cause a really major pollution in the already polluted Mula Mutha.

For some yars now environmentalists have been urging people to immerse diols in buckets at home, and then dispose off remnants of the idol. However public response was lukewarm. This year several NGOs got together with the municipality to build huge tanks right next to the river. All the mandals as well as people have risen to the ocasion by cooperating with them. So this year no idols are polluting the river.

There are volunteers helping people with the final aartis and the immersion procedue. There are separate tanks for the idols and separate ones for the flowers. There has been a custom of throwing money in with the idols. There are separate boxes for that, and the proceeds will be given to charity.

It is good to see people actually doing somthing to improve our environment and not letting religious obstinacy standing in the way.

Way to go, Pune!!