Vantage point

Saturday, May 10, 2003

Saw "Walk the Talk" on NDTV 24X7 for the first time yesterday. It is an interview programme conducted by Shekhar Gupta, on the lines of BBC's Simpson's World, where Gupta and the guest talk while they are strolling.

Yesterday the guest was the ONLY man I respect in Indian politics. Some year ago, the only man I respected was ABV. But three incidents changed all that. One was the abject and spineless surrender to the IC814 hijackers after a heavy dose of rhetoric for half a century. Is this the same man who used to say "We will take back Aksai Chin" when he was in the Opposition? I guess some people are best left in the Opposition. What a two-faced ass.

The second incident was the bizarre 6 month long unilateral ceasefire in Kashmir. Please oh please explain how that ceasefire benefitted anyone but the terrorists.

The third incident was the Tehelka issue. The way he reappointed Fernandes without the completion of any inquiry...the whole witchhunt of Tehelka shows that he is just one of them.

Anyway, so the ONLY guy I now respect in Indian politics is Arun Shourie, Minister of Disinvestment and Telecom. He is a straight forward no nonsense guy. His interviews are such a refreshing change because he is perfectly candid. No empty rhetoric, no "party line" statements, nothing. Just the truth. It was great to see him talk about the country. Here is a guy who is actually making a difference to our lives.

By the way, while talking of China, he recounted something Sitaram Yechury said to him once - "yeh Chinese jo hai, woh DTC drivers ki tarah hai. Signal left ko kartey hai, aur turn right ko kartey hain/"


I hope Shourie goes to to occupy higher posts in the government......but I seriously have my doubts. Anyway, do watch the interview again if there is a repeat.