Vantage point

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Ball's in your court, Michael Jordan!

A few weeks back, in my post about Michael Jackson's death - Four Michaels, down to Three, I noted how four Michaels dominated the scene when I was growing up. They came, they conquered, and then they receded into temporary obscurity. Now I notice a trend - they are back in the limelight one by one.

Michael Jackson made the first move, by dying and taking over news channels. Next, Mike Tyson made an appearance in this year's biggest comedy hit Hangover, playing what I think is a very watered down version of himself. And now, Michael Schumacher is about to return to the race track, replacing Felipe Massa.

What's going on? I guess the only one left is Michael Jordan, who can choose a number of different ways to be back in the headlines. He can announce another return to basketball. Or to baseball. Or even better, he can come out and join the long list to baseball players and admit he took steroids, although he never must have. Ball's in your court, Michael!

P.S. If only Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong had named their kid Michael instead of Lance. With Armstrong also making a comeback, my theory would have become even more rigorous!