Vantage point

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Monkey God we can believe in

I am not sure if this is satire or reality. But it sounds too bizarre to be imaginary, so it has to be real. Barack Obama apparently carries around with him a small metal figure of Hanuman, after being exposed to the Ramayana during his childhood years in Indonesia. So he is being gifted a 2-feet high hanuman idol, which will be handed over to him after 11 days of "purification".

Will there now be charges leveled against him of being a secret Hindu? Will he be accused of pushing the Simian agenda? If McCain picks Bobby Jindal as his VP candidate, will Jindal attack Obama saying "Yes, I was born in a family that believed in these monkey gods, but I saw the truth and converted to Christianity, whereas Sen. Obama is still following pagan gods"?

Will Obama threaten to attack India if the government destroys the Ram Setu to build the shipping canal? Will Obama call up Andrew Symonds to convince him that being called a monkey by an Indian is a compliment?

Or will that statue come alive and start terrorizing McCain into submission like another gold Hanuman statue did with another white man here -