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Friday, March 30, 2007

Thanks For Trying, Mahmoud

Dear Mahmoud,

First up, let me tell you how flattered I am that you read my blog. And I can see that you read what I wrote a couple of weeks back -

Now while a terrorist attack, tsunami, earthquake or tornado hitting the US right now will be a sad sad thing if it happened, at least it would push the annoying Anna Nicole story out of the media's consciousness.

Though you did not go as far to order a terror attack, I sure do appreciate your efforts in taking the 15 British soldiers hostage. You sure did push some buttons in America..... metaphorically speaking. But unfortunately, it wasn't enough. The gargantuan mammaries of Anna Nicole Smith still adorn every news channel on TV here.... and Fox News as well. They are following their hour-long "Could she have died from an overdose"-themed and hour-long "Maybe she did die of an overdose"-themed panel discussions with an ongoing "Whoa! She really died of an overdose"-themed extravaganza.

Sure, the Brit-Iran stand-off is mentioned here and there, and Madeline Albright has struck the jackpot, getting free publicity for her new book even as she pontificates on the topic. But still, not good enough.

Thanks for trying, though.

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