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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Petition for Ban Ki Moon's Recall

Dear Members of the United Nations,

In 2003, the great state of California recalled Governor Davis 11 months into his term and elected Arnold Scharzenegger to the post. This set a glorious historic precedent which I think the UN would do well to emulate. It is imperative that Secy General Ban Ki Moon be recalled and Shashi Tharoor be elected in his place.

I make this request, not out of any dissatisfaction about Mr. Moon, because he has performed all the duties of a Secy General admirably. He wears a suit everyday, is not afraid of flying, and has a weirdly funny name which offers itself to many puns. What else could one expect from a SecGen?

The reason I would like this recall held is because Shashi Tharoor, who lost the elections, and also gave up his post of Under Seretary or some such, is doing his best to prove the "empty mind is a devil's workshop" adage true. He is writing some bizarre articles in newspapers, none more bizarre than his appeal to save the sari.

The article seems to be the output of an automatic op-ed generator. It has all the prerequisities of a vacuous op-ed. It reeks of hypocrisy, since Mr. Tharoor himself even goes to bed in an Armani. It talks about our culture, romanticizes some stupid instances from history, and of course, lest we forget, manages to inject a hapless Gandhi into the proceedings. It also ends on a pun so weak that even high school students would wince in pain.

The article appeared in Times of India which has one of the largest circulation figures in the world for an english newspaper. So as you all can imagine, millions went through the ordeal of reading that piece. Is this fair on the world? Is it consistent with the stated principles of the United Nations to allow a pen-wielding Tharoor wreak vengeance on the world which refused to Secretary-Generalize him?

I appeal to your merciful sides, and request you to recall Ban Ki Moon, making sure that Shashi Tharoor is kept busy making pointless statements about international politics and shopping for suits in his role as the new SecGen.

Help us keep our newspapers Tharoor-free.

Yours Sincerely,
Gaurav Sabnis

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