Vantage point

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Yeh Raat

Was watching VH1 a while back. After the RHCP video finished, a promo for VH1's Top 20 countdown started. And it started with a music I recognized instantly. It was the music at the beginning of Yeh Raat from Aks. I immediately shook my head, disappointed that even that music had been lifted from somewhere, like with most popular songs in Bollywood.

But a few seconds later the words of Yeh Raat were also heard in the background of the promo. So VH1 is using an Indian song as the background music for its promo even here in the US. And a fine song it is. From a fine movie. Oh let me not start talking about Aks or I will again launch into a monologue on how the inability of the desi audiences to appreciate that brilliant film made Rakesh Mehra dumb himself down, turn to Rakeysh Mehra and come up with...Rang De Basanti next.

There is a clear cut correlation if not causation between film folks in Bollywood changing the spellings of their names according to numerology, and making bad films.