Vantage point

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Dance of Stupidity

Another dance of stupidity is being sashayed all over the world, and this time it's those old buddies, the catholics and muslims, who are partners.

It all started with Pope Benedict going to Germany, his home, for the first time after becoming the big dog. Possibly pumped up after all the "You rock, Ratzinger!!" chants from the crowds, the Pontiff threw caution to the winds and launched into an attack on his pet peeves. Secularism, atheism, and of course, the ole nemesis, Islam. I was reading his speech in the paper last week and saying to myself, this guy is dense. Give me the blesses-everything-in-sight Wojtyla any day.

A couple of days later, the second act of the stupidity dance began. Muslims all over the world felt outraged. Not only did they go on protest marches, burn effigies and disrupt traffic. They also tried to torch a few churches. How nice!

I am having a tough time foguring out which party in this case is more stupid. Benedict for his bravado filled speech quoting someone saying "What new did Muhammad bring to the table?". Or the rampaging masses for demonstrating exactly what new WAS brought to the table.

One of the most idiotic things to do is to actually ASK for an apology. It is so intensely childish that it belongs in a playground. When you almost beg for an apology, you are showing yourself to be even more pathetic than the guy who spit at you.