Vantage point

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Career Builders Inc.

I spent a few months doing some consulting work for IMS Learning Resources before I came to the US. Their motto was "We build careers" or something like that. As a guy there once remarked, it is a more appropriate motto for the Indian cricket team. We eagerly build careers. Preference given to fast bowlers. Hey, at least Mitchell Johnson is Australian. We don't mind building West Indian and Zimbabwean careers either.

Rahul Dravid meanwhile has become the quintessential Indian captain. He can now conjure up excuses even in his sleep. And he can be ultra effusive in praising the opponents who just kicked butt.

But we did see something unprecedented today. Rain actually saving India's hide! I've been seriously following cricket for close to twenty years now and I hardly recall a time when the rain has actually helped us. It either saves our opposition, or then arrives just minutes after we've been defeated. So it was nice to welcome the rain for once.

Meanwhile yes, Sachin returned with a cracking century. Good show. But I'd like to see an extended run before judging if he is truly "back".