Vantage point

Monday, August 14, 2006

Joining a PSU

People reading my blog will know that I have always been critical of the Indian state. I am especially peeved at PSUs. I always found PSUs to be behemoths that just suck blood from taxpayers and enjoy unfair monopolies.

Guess what? I have reformed. I have realised the folly of my ways. I have realised that to really make something meaningful out of my life in a way that it will be useful to the society, I must join a PSU. By working for private companies, that too MNCs, I was just working towards enriching someone else in some other country. Sure, I got a nice salary too. But the masters, those supposedly benign shareholders, sitting in America, were earning so much more. And without doing anything.

The most natural step after an MBA from an IIM would be to get into a PSU. I have been thinking about it since a few months, and I am glad to report that I will be joining a PSU in a few days. And the decision is also beneficial from a personal point of view. The pay is much more than what the MNC was paying me, and the work is relaxed. Obviously, being in a PSU means I don't have to stick to the cliched 9-to-9 routine that the private sector enforces. I won't have any sales targets, and I won't have to be in cut-throat competition with any other companies. I won't have to dress in formals and I won't have to worry about whether a promotion is around the corner or not.

So it is with great pleasure, humility, and a sense of social justice that I will be joining a PSU. And this PSU is an 84000-strong behemoth!

I am so happy.