Vantage point

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Scrat 2

Saw Ice Age 2 yesterday.

For me the movie was, much like its prequel, a series of boring cheesy laborious interruptions by assorted animals like mammoths, tigers and sloths in between the rivetting and hilarious efforts of Scrat, the squirrel to capture his beloved acorn.

The creators have obviously realised the immense potential Scrat has, going by the fact that they have released a separate short film considering of just his 'adventures'. I do hope they develop the character further, and maybe even develop it into a TV series. The Scrat Show, if launched, will have the potential to be this generation's answer to The Roadrunner Show.

Here's a complimentary blogger PJ.

Q - Who is Scrat's favourite blogger?
A - Nitin Pai