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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Naveen Says Quotas are Good!

Naveen Mandva says quotas are good, but only in the way that I think losing this ODI series against England would have been better for us than winning it. This win has caused a euphoria which has made us ignore what is wrong with the test team, just like after the Pakistan debacle. Ifwe lost ODIs too, a threshold would be caused leading to greater introspection and reevaluation, leading to improvements.

Similarly Naveen says,

Possibly we need a repeat of the '91 Liberalization in higher education. For that we need a crisis. A crisis is generated only when the present set-up will bleed itself. Hence I support the reservations. In fact, I wouldn't mind even 85% reservations. The short-run is painful. But I hold more optimism in the long run. Once they succeed in bleeding the higher education market will the citizens and policy-makers realise the importance of developing sound markets and not ruinously doctor them with policy measures like this. Once that happens a lot of other constraints like the no for-profit set-up in education and strictures on private universities may be removed. These factors are present not only in tertiary education but elementary education as well. All these measures only dampen the supply of education. In fact, I hope they don't get any bright ideas of providing vouchers to the students to choose their seats. That would only delay the crisis and possible recovery of education markets.

Heh. So true. We only learn after paying the price through huge crises.

By the way the post also links to an older post of Naveen's - Why IIPM is significant for Indian education?

That post was for me, perhaps one of the best posts in the whole IIPM controversy. Having been busy during those October days, I only noticed it much later, but for some reason forgot to plug it on my blog.

After the IIPM episode, a lot of people asked me if I now support government regulation, and how it was privatisation that led to IIPM and more privatisation would lead to more IIPMs. My response could not have been articulated better than what Naveen has written in this post.