Vantage point

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Khali Boost

I returned to Bombay last night, and cast a cursory glance upon my visitor stats and was suprised to find that the usual weekend-dip in visits was missing. Weekend-dip, for the uninitiated is the trend observed by most bloggers that the hits they get on weekends are much lower in number than on weekdays. The reasons are simple. On weekends, people go out, watch movies, dine out, etc, and do not spend as much time on the internet. It also means that the visitors who browse blogs from their offices only can't do so.

So what accounted for this hike in traffic? A not-so-cursory glance at my referrals was very enlightening. Almost 75% visitors in the last few hours had come via a google search for "the great khali", the Indian wrestler on whom I wrote a post last week. It turns out that post was the top search result for "the great khali", with the official WWE website coming in second!

The google arachnid must be high on something, maybe celebrating Marijuana Day which was a couple of days back. Nothing else explains this.