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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

IIPM Students Speak Up

When the whole IIPM issue broke out, everyone asked, why are the students silent? In fact there were many obscene and threatening comments left on Rashmi's blog. If my blog had comments enabled, I am sure it would have been graced by the same. However it was very obvious that these people were not actually students of the institute, because there was nothing to gain from these comments for them. It was obvious who the trolls were, even from their IP address.

But the questions remained, why were genuine students silent?

Well, the students weren't exactly silent. A lot of them mailed me, although most were anonymous or were requesting that their identity be withheld. Only one person came forward, divulging his name and his telephone number. But the media didn't contact him.

I have now come to know about a site which is apparently set up by current students of IIPM. The site gives a lot of information from an insider's perspective about a lot of the issues surrounding the institute.

The site is IIPM Student's Union and the URL is

The detail in which each issue is addressed makes it obvious that this website is genuine. For instance, in the "free laptop" issue, they give the promised configuration and the one they actually got.

Do visit it and link to the site. By putting the site up, these students have shown great courage. Remember, the victims in this story are not Rashmi or Gaurav. The victims are the IIPM students. Through this site, they are taking an effort to demand for what they have been promised.

I wish them luck, and a bright future.