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Friday, April 14, 2006

Ah Finally!!!

Finally a post about school vouchers as a way to improve primary education in India, which has been made by a blogger other than those known to me.... almost literally, since he calls himself Unknown Indian. The post says -

Several studies have shown that governments spend more money on education of each student than the fees charged by unaided private schools catering to the poor. The quality of education delivered by private schools however is far superior to that delivered by government schools, for the obvious reason that no-one would go to a private school if they did not deliver a certain minimal quality of education. As mentioned earlier, even my maid servant has admitted her children to a private, unaided, English medium school instead of relying on the free Marathi medium municipal school system. School vouchers would help improve access for the poor to such private schooling. These vouchers could be distributed universally – one for every child in a family, and should represent an amount equal to the government spending for schooling each student in a given region. They would enable parents to win back control over the behavior of teachers in government schools.

Read the whole thing.