Vantage point

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Something Fishy

This blog has always been a vocal Shivsena critic. But something in the Nallasopara incident is just too fishy, and doesn't add up.

My first reaction when I read about this attack was obviously one of anger and revulsion. But thinking about it a bit more, there are several points that stick out like sore thumbs.

Firstly, why Nallasopara? If Sena wanted a for-camera-demo of jingosim, they could so easily do something at Bandra or Worli or South Mumbai. Secondly, why attack a party which is not a Valentine's Day party? And why attack just one party?

The Shivsena has usually followed a pretty set pattern. They rough up men, vandalise furniture etc. But very rarely have they been known to attack women, strip them, attack children, and steal stuff. These are acts which will discredit the Sena in the eyes of everyone, even their own supporters.

Uddhav said to the Indian Express - I am not aware of it. I am very busy with the elections. I am going to Dadar. If I come to know of it, I will comment

At this stage I think some sainiks may have just used the convenient V-Day excuse to settle some personal score. Or an unlikelier possibility, this could be the work of an agent of Raj or Rane on the inside, to create a new headache for Uddhav.

I may be off the mark of course, and for all I know the Shivsena may release a glowing endorsement of the attack within a few hours. And this incident may usher in a bloodier-than-before Sena amplifying its violent tactics to chilling levels.