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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

All Those Planning Protests Against Bush

All those Indians who are planning to protest during Bush's visit to India, here is a piece of news that I came across recently thanks to Rashmi's blog -

Saudi Arabia police razes makeshift Hindu temple

RIYADH: Saudi religious police have destroyed a clandestine makeshift Hindu temple in an old district of Riyadh and deported three worshippers found there, a newspaper reported on Saturday.

Members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, or the religious police, Thursday stumbled across a room converted into a temple while raiding a number of flats suspected of being used to manufacture alcohol and distribute pornographic videos, pan-Arab Al-Hayat said.

A caretaker who was found in the worshipping area ignored the religious police orders to stop performing his religious rituals, the paper added. He was deported along with two other men who arrived on the scene to worship.

It will interest people to know that the Saudi King was the guest of honour at our Republic Day function, the day we celebrate our supposedly venerated constitution. The head of a country that treats non-muslims as secondary citizens, that treats women as lesser humans, and that too legally, was the guest of honour.

I am sure that the organisations and parties which are outraged at Bush's policies and plan to protest during his India visit will also be outraged at this news. I am sure that even though they forgot to protest when the King was in India, they are planning to take out a march to the Saudi Embassy.