Vantage point

Friday, February 17, 2006


Here's a scene from a Seinfeld episode 'The Jimmy' which was aired on Star World this week.

ELAINE: "Well, what am I gonna do for a date.?...Oh! do you know that ..hmmm! blond guy who's always at the exercycle at the health club?"

JERRY: "I don't think so."

ELAINE: "Yeah yeah! He's really handsome with those..."

JERRY: (interrupting) "Elaine , I really don' much attention to men`s faces."

ELAINE: "You can't find beauty in a man?"

JERRY: "No... I find them repugnant and unappealing."

(Kramer bursts in)

KRAMER: "Hey!"

JERRY: (pointing Kramer) "To wit"

KRAMER: "What?"

JERRY: "No ,Elaine and I we're just discussing whether I could admit a man is attractive."

KRAMER: " Hmm! Oh! Yeah. I'll tell you who is an attractive man; George Will."

JERRY: "Really!"

KRAMER: "Yeah! He has clean looks, scrubbed and shampooed and...."

ELAINE: "He's smart...."

KRAMER: "No, no I don't find him all that bright."