Vantage point

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

No Reciprocation Only!

Musharraf often complains that he makes all sorts of gestures aiming at peace, but the Indian government never responds. What then does Musharraf feel about whatever happened in Karachi over the last few days?

Here was the Indian cricket team, making very friendly gestures towards Pakistan, like spraying the ball all around the pitch, bowling half volleys, half-trackers, at an amiable pace. The batsmen too made extremely friendly gestures, pulling and hooking medium pacers right down the throats of fielders.

And how does Pakistan respond?

With ruthless calculated malice! The cynical accuracy with which they pitched the ball at the right line and length is enough to scuttle any peace process. The whole Karachi test was an example of how Pakistan keeps rebuffing India's peace gestures. The only instance of an iota of reciprocation came when Yuvraj, sad at his previous gesture of an unnecessary pull shot having landed short of the fielder, repeated the gesture. Faisal Iqbal, in true spirit of compromise, displayed his peaceful side by spilling the catch.

But except for that, the whole 4-day exercise has set back the India-Pakistan peace process by 20 years.