Vantage point

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Save Maharashtra?

A few months back, a friend pointed me towards a rather deranged blog. This blog, started with the motto of 'Save Maharashtra', was a little too extreme. It was vommiting bile at Madrasis, Bhaiyyas, Marwaris, Gujaratis.... literally at every community. If hate, anger and profanity can save Maharashtra, then the blog will surely succeed. I didn't pay much attention to the blog later, and never mentioned it on Vantage Point. The thoughts on that blog would make even a Shivsainik cringe.

Desipundit points out a blog which has actually answered the aforementioned blog very appropriately. Coincidentally, this blog is run by a Shivsainik, and he has put forth his rebuttal after giving it a lot of thought. Do read the post, and join the debate either there or on DP.

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