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Friday, January 13, 2006

Mohammad Yousuf!

Mohammad Yousuf? I first heard this name a couple of months back. A Pakistan-England test was on and the commentators kept mentioning "Mohammad Yousuf Mohammad Yousuf" time and again. However the two batsmen i could see on screen were Inzamam and Youhana. Then who on earth is Mohammad Yousuf, I wondered. I later realised - Mohammad Yousuf is Youhana's new name. I had read about Youhana converting from Christianity to Islam. But I had no idea that he had changed his name as well.

The India-Pakistan test has started today. He's at the crease again. But I can't think of him as 'Mohammad Yousuf'. I will continue calling him Youhana.

I am sure he won't mind. And if he does, then tough luck for him.

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