Vantage point

Monday, January 30, 2006

Hear Hear

In a discussion at How the Other Half Lives, a couple of very accurate observations have been made.

srinivas says -

Anecdotal evidence about rural distress are fine to make a forecful point but they cannot be the basis of judging policy outcomes. Hard data cannot be replaced with broad brush impressions formed from personal visits.

neela says -

its easy to churn out the anecdotes (god knows, theres plenty of raw material in India) but it would be nice to link or discuss some ideology-free stats once ina while.

I would like to recommend to everyone a couple of bloggers who are personally involved in policy research, and whose posts are always backed by on-the-ground evidence, anecdotal data as well as a study of the underlying economic principles like incentives - Naveen Mandva and Ajay Shah.

It would be great to see them guest-blogging at HTOHL once in a while.